Groovy Smoovy.


One of my favorite things about spring and summer (aside from not wearing 13 layers of clothing as I leave my house) is the Farmer’s Market — a place to support my local economy and buy organic, fresh produce and maybe even an iced tea, yet another mug or pair of earrings, and perhaps a loaf of homemade bread. . . . let’s just say I take my sweet time and we bring a lot of bags. Try teaching your young children to bring their rolling backpacks to the market to provide extra storage, too (I missed the window on this one).

Our Farmer’s Market in Pocatello is lovely, and we go every weekend when we’re in town from May through September. The outdoor market here in Kailua-Kona is incredible and open year-round, 5 days a week.  We have visited several times a week, mainly to feed Ryan’s papaya obsession (he needs help) but also to procure bananas, limes, tomatoes, and lettuce.  I start to ponder if we’re eating too much fruit, and then I remind myself — if we’re eating a variety of whole, colorful foods, we’re fine!  I think there’s way too much hype about having a certain amount of protein and fiber and vitamins every day.

In spite of my efforts to inculcate my children with a passion for natural cuisine, they balk at many foods — or, even more frustrating, they love avocado (mushrooms/tempeh/pesto) one day and detest it the next for no discernible reason.  They get very angry at us, too, for serving them a food they just decided they hate, like we’re torturing them on purpose.

Fear no longer! Smoothies are a great way to get some delicious veggies into your little peeps without a fight — especially during the summer.  If you’re really brave (and you know your kids like the ingredients), ask them to make the smoothies with you.  We all love throwing stuff in the blender and pushing the buttons. Or, you may go my cowardly route today and sneak in the goods to serve with a sourdough grilled cheese sandwich.

Amazing Super-Green Smoothie

1 cup almond milk (throw in some raw cashews if you so desire)

1 cup kale, cleaned and removed from stalk

1 small banana

Juice of ½ lime

Juice of ½ orange

½ avocado

Squeeze of  honey/raw sugar/Truvia (optional)

Ice (as much or little as you like!)

Blend all ingredients until smooth and ridiculously delicious.



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